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Yes We Are Most Thankful

Alan & KristaAs many of you know, we celebrate Thanksgiving here in Ontario in early October. Like you, it is a time to be with family and friends and offer up thoughts of thanks.
Thanks :  

  • -for our good health
  • for our good fortune
  • for the American and Canadian soldiers of Project Healing Waters
  • for our many employees who work so hard every day
  • for the remarkable wilderness of Ontario Canada
  • for the guests we are honoured to serve year after year

For all these things and many more we are most thankful.

Thank you Toyota: You may recall that we sponsor the excellent work of the non-profit group, Project Healing Waters, by hosting ten soldiers each year at our American Plan Lodges as a way of saying thanks for their service. These soldiers, often wounded from battle, return to their lives of recuperation a little better for having been with us in the beauty of the Boreal Forest. Just last Sunday night, during the halftime show of the NBC Sunday Night NFL Game of the Week, the Toyota Corporation announced a $10,000 gift to PHW as well. We applaud their generosity for a cause we deeply believe in.

 Thank you past guests: The 2012 full colour calendar is rolling off the presses. As in the past, it is filled with photos and information about Ontario’s vast wilderness and unique cultures. As a Thank you to all our past guests, we would like to send you one.  Just click here to send us your correct mailing address and we will include you on the 2012 list.

tnx giving pumpkins

Preview 2012:

This coming season we will offer outpost adventures at Makokibatan Lake, and Opichuan Lake up near the Albany River, and at Moose CrossingOgoki Lake, and ZigZag Lake in the Ogoki River watershed. Some of our other destinations are scheduled for renovation.

Our multi-cabin camps on Whitewater Lake, and at Mojikit Channel will be open as well.

Our American Plan lodges, Striker’s Point Lodge,Makokibatan Lodge and Miminiska Lodge will also be open for guests.

If you would like a PDF file of our new brochure and 2012 rate card, click here.

SPECIAL SAVINGS: We have a 10% savings offer to those who book now and pay in full by cheque before December 23, 2011. (A savings of 7% if you pay with a MasterCard or VISA card)

We are looking forward to a great holiday season and hope you too will be with family and friends.
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