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Wilderness North Guests Say it Best

Long-time guests at Wilderness North, the Peaster party decided to kick off the month of august with a family fishing trip to Zig Zag Lake. Dad and group leader Mike, a Urologist from Oklahoma, and his three sons have shared many experiences with us at Wilderness North over the years. Having visited several locations such as Musgrave, Dawn, Dalton, and Striker’s Point Lodge the year of the fire, the Peaster’s have settled on Zig Zag and have already booked their time for the 2014 angling season.

So what keeps them coming back year after year you ask? Well, this year’s 2 trophy catches might have something to do with it: Noah’s 27in walleye caught on a cotton candy jig tipped with a leech, and Mike’s 43in northern pike caught on 6 lb test with a crawler while trolling at a depth of 23 feet -what a battle to bring that monster to shore… Of course, there’s more to fishing than landing a lunker. The rest of the equation is a chance for the Peaster’s to get off on their own, share their passion for angling, and spend some quality family time while out in wilderness unplugged from daily life.

To learn more about the Peaster family, what got them started in angling, and why they love the outpost setting be sure to listen to their podcast below.


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