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Winter Activities

Winter is our summer.

During the hustle and bustle from May until October, we typically don’t take time out to enjoy our surroundings, well, not the way most would think of it anyways… we truly enjoy our work. You know what they say, “make hay while the sun shines”!

Winter is our playtime! The frozen lakes, hidden portages and bush trails are our playground. We call it boon docking. No groomed trails here–we love it! We’ve spent more time this year exploring and have found some real gems. Truth be told, we’re doing some R&D for the next steps at WN…winter tourism product development, that is. Even considering the current world events, there is an optimism that surfaces as I think of this. There is a freedom that comes from being the first to break a trail through virgin forest in waist deep snow, a sense of adventure, a feeling of accomplishment all wrapped into one.

The team here at WN is passionate about the outdoors. We are keen to offer more wilderness products in the future, we literally live our passion. A friend recently sent me this quote, which applies equally to immersing oneself in either winter or summer wilderness experiences:

“The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.” Nancy Newhall – My Daily Minute

Both our girls have grown up snowmobiling with us, it’s an activity we all enjoy. You may recall when we first started out at Waweig Lake, we lived off-grid and snowmobiles provided the means for gathering wood for heat.


It’s that simplicity we find ourselves yearning for when life gets complicated. Here are some photos that tell our winter story.



Take a close look at the picture with all the moose tracks (feature image), I don’t think they were practising social distancing. 😂We will continue to bring the wilderness experience to you vicariously, while the wilderness waits for you. Take care!


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