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Winds & Walleyes Mark Week# 3

Rains fill lakes – As fishing improves despite winds

Gilean Party Walleye, Wilderness North 2007Thirty two trophies now on the “Master Angler list” …Twenty nine pike. Three walleye. Staging and bottom feeding walleye provided our guests plenty of fish to eat…but few to claim as trophies. Most walleye anglers reported good to excellent action
including this beauty caught by the Gilean party on Whitewater Lake. Walleye are a bit scattered with most being caught on 1/4 ounce jig and tail combos, and a few on trolling Rapalas. In twenty feet of water, they are usually hanging out at about 10
feet; perfect conditions for trolling or slip bobber fishing.

Most new entries into our Master Angler Hall of Fame were guests who caught and released those snarly Northern Pike. Big pike continue to roam four to nine feet of moving water between drop offs and shallow flats. Pike anglers report few fish actually in the grass beds, but great action at the edges on crank baits and top water. Smaller fish (18-30) are responding to top water action
around standing brush in 4 feet of water. One guest at Miminiska Lodge caught 30 pike in 45 minutes with a large green and silver Zara Spook, with it’s barbs filed off.

The recent hard rains are resulting in considerable runoff that is quickly filling area lakes. On the Ogoki River system’s Mojikit Channel, home to our housekeeping lodge, levels rose 16 inches in five days. And we expect runoffs to continue to make up for winter’s light snow amounts. Last Friday and Saturday both Northwest and Southwest winds inflicted wounds into a few of our docks, while soaking anglers who ran in 2-4 foot whitecaps. However, during the rage many larger walleyes were caught fishing turbulent, foaming, stained, bait filled waters… Are we having fun yet ?

Having fun at Wilderness North, 2007

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