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Will Summer Ever Start?

Graham Saunders WN weathermanHmmm… Here we are ten days into June – with a big full moon over head – and still no official signs of summer, which technically is just 11 days away. I do not see a significant warming trend in the next couple of days. Arrival of more seasonal temperatures is expected over the weekend at the earliest.  Some rain – in the form of “isolated” showers – is likely Thursday and Friday – with clearing, and nearly normal temperatures, on the weekend.

Northern Ontario weatherIn my Thunder Bay Chronicle article from last Sunday’s paper, I answer the question on everyone’s lips: Is this the year without a summer? You may listen in on the podcast to learn more.

As for the garden project: Potato sets are in. Onion sets are in. Plus the seeds for everything else are now in the ground, and we hope the weather is frost-free.

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