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Who’s More Confused, the Geese or the Weather?

Graham SaundersThere are a few signs that the remarkable summer of 2012 is winding down in Northwestern Ontario. Geese were a topic last week along with leaves in the northern forests which have hints of colour. Part of the changing of the leaves is probably due to triggers like less daylight and, most critical this year, dry conditions. In regards to the geese and their early migration, it is probably best to ask them directly – but one has to wonder about their flight path. Drought conditions prevail for most of their migration route – and forecasts suggest persistent drought. They have had a good summer but it may be slim pickings on the way.

geese in harbour, Wilderness NorthThe temperatures in the last seven days do not confirm these seasonal signs. Armstrong recorded a high of 29ºC(85º F) on Thursday and most recent days have been warmer and drier than seasonal. For people and geese who are staying around for the next week: a weak cold front will usher in seasonal conditions, afternoon temperatures around 20º C (high 60s º F) with a chance of isolated showers.

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