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Whitewater’s Legacy!

Whitewater West proved to be a pike factory once again the first week with guests! When questioned about the fishery, we reveal to guests that we are hard pressed to find a better trophy pike location at the end of May, than Whitewater Lodge. This charming housekeeping lodge and its cabins are located at the mouth of the Ogoki River.

Wayne and his group are no strangers to the lodge. This past week they had a total of 10 master angler pike! They also caught and released a 40 inch sturgeon while trying for pike. Also a little excitement was had when Phil had to have emergency surgery to remove a hook from his finger. A trusty utility knife blade helped ease it out! Out of the trophies that they caught and released the largest was 48 1/2 inches and they had several honourable mentions in the 38inch range. Well done boys.

Not to be outshone by Wayne, Scott and Kyle put in a good effort as well, with 6 master angler pike each caught and released of their own. Kyle had the first lucky catch of the trip, a beautiful 44 inch (see feature image). Not to be outdone by his nephew, Scott was soon to follow after several close tries. One morning alone they caught 4 master angler pike!

It was great seeing this crew again and we can’t wait to see what next year brings for them. To sum up the week, Boyce & Alma had this to say “beautiful weather, lots of fish and happy fisherman.” Pretty good I’d say!



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