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Clouds, Cool, and…More Trophies

Tammy & trophy catch 2007Two Timer Tammy from Kansas adds a Walleye to her Angling Success Stories. A year ago Tammy Clayton of Wellsville, Kansas caught the fish of a life time – a 45” Northern Pike. So she and her party came right back to Whitewater Lake’s Strikers Point Lodge to give it a go again this year. And what do you know? This time Tammy reeled in a walleye that would give her yet another entry in the Master Angler book. She felt a tug on her quarter ounce chartreuse twister tail road runner and thought it might be another pike. But no! It was a 30 inch walleye. Now that made fishing in the rain worth it. Is it the perfume she wears? Is it a secret technique? For now she just smiles and says, “I’ll never tell” 🙂

Speaking of returning guests, Chris Clemmons and his group were back in Canada last week, and they, too, were on Whitewater Lake. Would you believe four Master Anglers out of the group? Orv Rehfeldt – 26″ walleye. (Markers in front of camp on a sucker), Mike Demaruro – 28″ walleye. (Island straight out from camp on a sucker), Brad Clemmons – 40″ Northern (Exit mouth of Ogoki River on a sucker), Mike Clemmons – 43″ Northern (Islands towards narrows on a silver minnow), Dan Coombs – 41″ Northern (Exit mouth of Ogoki River on a jig & twister). Of the 72 Master Anglers registered to date, 10 have been for Walleyes 26” or longer, and 62 for pike 40” inches or longer.

So what is it with Whitewater Lake? Iťs the largest fishery we send guests to. We have practiced CPR for a decade -catch-picture-release, and we have the best marked maps for guests. We think iťs a combination of a great fishery and better prepared anglers. No wonder 46% of our year to date Master Anglers have come from this special destination. I like to think of Whitewater Lake as an “Opportunity Lake.” Its our 26 mile long, 26,000 acre natural impoundment of the Ogoki River. We have two destinations for anglers on the lake; Whitewater Lodge and Striker’s Point Lodge.

Clemmons Party 2007, Wilderness North

The Canada Day – July 4th Holiday is a signal that summer is here. However, our weather is more like early June than early July. Cool, cloudy, and lots of rain…all good for fishing…just ask Tammy Clayton. Our guests at both destinations have learned that if one particular pattern isn’t working, there are plenty of other choices to try on the big lake. Having said that, there is one pattern that IS working. And I believe it will work for you no matter what destination you select. Moving water. Thaťs it. Find moving water and find walleye. Even though we only keep count of the trophy fish, the one note I wish to share with you is that all of our guests who work moving water are having success. And by now you know, if you find walleye, the pike are not far away.

Wilderness North Brook TroutUp on the Albany, and especially along the Keezhik’s fast moving cold waters, those world class Brook trout are still abundant. This week, Gord Ellis is with us at Miminiska, and will be fishing the Keezhik. I look forward to his report. Scott Earl Smith, a Thunder Bay writer and Canadian Editor for Fly Fishing America has posted his story on the Keezhik trip he took with his 75 year old father earlier this summer…you’ll find it in the downloads area of the website. While you are there look for Master Anglers for May – June 2007 to learn more about he 72 anglers registered so far this season.

Thanks for the letters, calls, and notes. Keep fishing that moving water.

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