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Whitewater Lake Report

Tyler with Albany Brook TroutWith the rapid heat wave that moved in on us last week at Striker’s Point, (highs near 90) came tougher fishing conditions. The water temperatures climbed. Then came the calm conditions allowing sunlight to penetrate deep beneath the lake’s surface. If your a walleye guy you know this means hard work. Despite the tough conditions, six more names were posted to the Master Angler board.

Sean Deneen caught a beautiful 41.5″ northern while trolling the “narrows” area. Ken Rader plugged hard and was rewarded with a 44″ pike that salvaged his day of otherwise slow fishing. Ken also got his fish near the “narrows” while casting a Mepps bucktail. Also in this group was Kevin Spitzer. Kevin ventured out solo one day and began trolling islands. He ran into a 46″ brute and thanks to his friends who were close by, was able to land, document and release his toothy trophy. A 43″ pike was caught Saturday by J.D. of the Miller group out of Corpus Christi, Texas. It was caught down in the river in 20 feet of water.

Dan & Bob June 2009, Fishing at Wilderness North's Striker's PointI had the pleasure of fishing with two great guys and two great walleye fishermen last week. Dan and Bob both of Wisconsin, were here on their first Canadian fishing adventure. Dan recieved the trip as a surprise gift from his wife in honour of his 50th birthday. These two fish professionally on the walleye circuit in the United States. They incorporated some of their southern tactics and were able to manipulate Whitewater Lake even under the toughest of circumstances. They hauled in and released 150 walleye on their second day including a hefty 27.5″ oversized lawndart.  During some walleye fishing with Dan and Bob, I managed a 44″ northern on very light walleye gear. Best of luck to these two fine gentlemen in their tournament in Green Bay next week. We had chance to hear their story before they loaded up and headed for home and you can hear it too, right here.

There is big rain moving across the area that started yesterday, my fellow outdoor planner -Joe Pichey- is in camp, so I am keeping a eye on him to see if he can match that 44 incher.
…Tyler Lancaster

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