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What’s With the Weather?

Wilderness North WeathermanIn this week’s podcast Graham Saunders, our official weather man, explains exactly how “Ice-Out” works, and whether the cold spring temps and high water conditions will affect the summer weather.

Many of our guests who were scheduled to be at their adventure destination last weekend moved their dates – wisely – and so official opening will likely occur this Memorial Day weekend. Last weekend – Victoria Day – here in Canada, was cold and rainy, so we hope the U.S. holiday brings us better weather luck. Graham thinks so, with forecast temperatures reaching the low 70’s.

Wilderness North remote wildernessBTW: How about that full moon last night? Hope it was clear where your were. By the way, you may download the complete 2008 Season SoLunar tables for northwestern Ontario with Sunrise and Moonrise times as well as the fish activity tables.

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