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New website launch

As Canada’s largest and most experienced provider of Fly in Adventures – we’re ready! Ready to help you plan and schedule your own custom fly in adventure. Ready the day you arrive to fly you into the remote and remarkable Boreal Forest. Ready to introduce you to First Nations guides who know the waters. In fact we stay ready. With out fleet of reliable DeHavilland floatplanes we are ready to take guests to see and experience Ontario’s most remarkable untapped resource.

With the launch of our new website we are proud to also introduce several new services for our customers. Each new experience has been hand crafted to maximize the authenticity and adventure for each person. We still offer our traditional Fishing and Fly Fishing packages. Now we offer Aerial Sight Seeing Tours, Kayaking and Canoeing Adventures, Birding Packages, Traditional Hunting Packages, Photo Hunting Experiences and Cultural Excursions.

“Come and take an adventure with Canada’s most experienced fly in adventure company. “ Alan Cheeseman.

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