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What happens up there in the Winter?

Thunder Bay hangar 2006Well, we do have a bit more leisure time than we do in the busy summer months. We schedule and complete our many maintenance chores on boat motors, cabin fixtures, etc. We manage your trip planning and reservations. And we are moving forward (weather permitting) on our Thunder Bay Hanger project. We expect to have our planes indoors by April first. The completion of the hanger will allow us to achieve our next level of flight safety for you, by housing and servicing our air force and offering the option of direct to camp flights from Thunder Bay. As for the leisure time…we have Snow Mobiles and often take trips on the “winter roads” just for the fun of it. (Yes, it is fun to zip along at 40MPH in -27*C temps…if you have the right clothing.) Oh, and we do stoke our wood fired boiler system a bit more than we do in June.

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