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What About all This Heat?

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterToday’s report will find most US readers sweltering in the hottest summer temperatures in over a decade. And the lack of rain only adds to the problem. While we have experienced a few days here and there of warmer than usual weather, it is much more pleasant north of the US/Canadian border these days.

So what about the fishing? As you read through our reports this week you will find that the usual and expected slowdown of trophy fish at this time of year is happening again in 2011, however, the numbers of fish being caught are quite stable. Sooner than you would think, we will turn the corner into our fall weather patterns, and the big Walleye and Pike will get the call from Mother Nature that the long Canadian winter is not far off. And let the feasting begin! In the meantime, come on up North – you’ll love the cool.

This past week I received a very thoughtful letter from one of our soldiers from the July 2011 Healing On The Albany – Project Healing Waters event up at Miminiska Lodge.The sidebar article to the right, has the cover letter from Rob Martin of Perth, Ontario. Rob has written a great essay about his recent visit with us that you may receive as a PDF file, including his photos. His essay was well written…and served to underscore our commitment to this very worthy event.

We’ve learned a lot this summer about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, – or as Rob calls it “Battle Fatigue” – and realize now more than ever what our guests and associates have told us about the power of our product, company, and associates in helping those who face these issues everyday.

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