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What a Week ! Trophies Abound!

It was a simple start to a story we repeat dozens of times a season:
Six guys head out to Ogoki Lake. They hope to find some of those legendary Ogoki Pike, like the 53” caught and released in May. But the ending to this trip is a story all its own. Despite weather changes from clear, calm and 75 to cloudy, windy and 40, twelve trophy pike were registered from the group. In five days. And dozens more under 40 we caught and released including a 27 inch Walleye. Now that’s fall fishing in Canada!

Sept 2006 Wilderness North guests at Ogoki

From Left to Right: Randy, Robert, Steve, Lee, Jay, & Curt

Wilderness North Master Anglers 2006

Doubles and Triples! Steve T caught and released three pike, a 41” and two at 43” and he caught and released the 27 inch trophy Walleye. That’s why he’s holding both a Pike and Walleye Master Angler pin, while every other member of the group is holding a pike pin. Curt W also had three pike, a 40 and two 42’s. Last but not least, Lee also had three pike… a 44, a 42, and a 41.

Students take notes! We asked these guys about their dazzling dozen:
• Shallow and/or in the grass? Yes.
• Deep in moving water? Yes.
• Alone in an area? Yes and No.
• Aggressive hitters? Absolutely.
• On spoons? Every one.

Wilderness North trophy pike fishingTake a good look at this photo of one of three pike (a 42”) that Curt of Bell Canyon, CA. caught and released, and take
a peek at Curt’s arsenal in the lower left hand part of the photo. All big spoons ready to go.

These gentlemen will be sending over more of their digital photos and we’ll publish them for you in our complete and final 2006 Master Angler Photo Gallery coming soon to the website.

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