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What a week for Master Anglers!

Wilderness North fly in adventuresEight Trophy Pike from Ogoki!
Twenty-eight big walleye at Makok!

For 15 years the Lewar family  have been coming up from the U.S. to Ontario to chase down trophy pike.  And they have had their share of good luck. Especially Henry Sr. of Minnesota. HenrySrHis son Henry II and grandson Henry III – of Charlotte, North Carolina, also had lunkers this trip. And what a trip to Ogoki Lake it turned out to be. Eight 40 inch plus pike in their four days. So we put our Wilderness North microphone in front of Henry II to learn his secrets of success. You can hear the remarkable success story by clicking here.

Meryl and Bernard out at Makokabatan Lodge – on the Albany River – have a success story in their report as well- with the Ferris Group netting 24 Master Angler walleye in a five days.

Tyler Lancaster checks in with another walleye WOW story from two professional walleye tournament anglers who hit it big on Whitewater Lake, while celebrating a 50th birthday, with their gift trip to Striker’s Point Lodge

All in all the 2009 season is smokin’ and so is the weather with temperatures in the near 90 degree (f) category – grass and weed beds are bursting to life and fish are feeding like NFL linebackers at Luby’s. Sunday was the longest day of the year with sun-up at 5:48 am and sun-down at 10:15 pm. This week is the New Moon.

Alan Cheeseman -Wilderness North presidentMaster Angler Update:
We now have 53 walleye over 26 inches caught and released in both the Ogoki and Albany River watershed. As for the pike we now have 44- forty inches or longer – in the 2009 record books.

Talk to you next week – and as always feel free to drop me an e-mail or phone at 888-465-3474.

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