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Welcome to Whitewater’s Great Fishing !

Master Anglers, June 15 2011This week at Striker’s Point Lodge we had several groups come and go. The first part of the week, we had some wind and rain, forcing our anglers to stay put a bit. It’s all part of the majestic beauty of the 21,000 acre Whitewater Lake. The Davidson Brothers, guided by Peter Nate, had a nice trip down the first set of rapids, east of the lodge, where Whitewater Lake becomes the Ogoki River again. The Virginia boys caught lots of fish and we are looking forward to seeing them again when they return in the fall. Annette and Vince from Minnesota, also had a great trip fishing and cruising the lake checking out the wildlife. They were a great couple to have in camp.

Surprisingly enough, after our run of bad weather, the last five days have been gorgeous. We’ve had highs in the high 70s and up into the mid to high 80s and no rain.  The Williams Group from Minnesota came up with their friends the Ackermans. As a graduation present, the Ackermans brought their grandson, Dan, who was always hurrying them along wanting more time out on the lake. This group caught and released three 23-inch Walleyes. We were also joined by the Hoffman/Morgan party. Scott and John enjoyed their days on the lake, as well as their rueben sandwiches.

We saw average Walleye size in the 18-22 inch range and some Pike were caught that were in the mid thirties range. Some popular producing areas included the island to the south of the lodge and up the river- about 1.5 miles to the east of the lodge. Popular lure colours this week were golds, oranges, pinks and yellows. No trophies were caught and released this week, but an honourable mention was caught and released by Bruce Williams-congrats on your 35 ½ inch Pike!


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