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Welcome Summer 2012

Alan Cheesemanfirst catch montage, June 2012We are still feeling the effect of last week’s big rain event. In fact, a week ago today, Lake Superior was three inches higher than the day before. So when you hear that the flash flooding was of “Biblical proportions” – you heard right. Our sister city – Duluth Minnesota – has sustained $100 million in infrastructure damage to roads, public parks, personal homes and commercial buildings. Fortunately there was no loss of life.

Summer angling patterns have become the rule of the day. Last week’s tips on locating and catching Pike proved successful, and the Walleye are now deep, and shallow only on those famous “walleye chop” days with some wind and waves, and cloud cover. It is still possible to find them really shallow (4-8 feet) , in low light conditions, especially on rocky points.

Please take note of our “By The Way” column celebrating Eli Baxter’s life. Eli was a legendary First Nation guide on the Albany River, at our Makokibatan Lodge for decades. Eli passed  in mid May, and many guests have sent memorial notes to us remembering, with fondness, his life.

We are just about one month away from our Project Healing Waters event, (past photos on the right) in which we open our doors and hearts to soldiers who have faced physical and mental challenges from serving in battle. Each year, these US and Canadian soldiers enjoy a bit of R&R here in the Boreal Forest of Northwestern Ontario – our way of saying thanks to those who are sometimes forgotten. Our website has a page that tells you more about this event.

Congrats to a fresh class of Master Anglers… and as always it’s good to hear from you.
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