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Welcome Sumer 2012

Alan CheesemanSidebar July 10 2012After enduring much rain and high water levels we were again tested by mother nature as we went from one extreme to another. The past few weeks have been scorching hot. The torrential downpours gave way to high temperatures and high humidity as a heat wave swept accross Northwestern Ontario. For those out on the water, the heat wave brought with it a string of unpredictable weather; rainy and overcast one minute and calm and sunny the next.

Summer heat brings with it the added difficulties of trying to keep live bait going for extended periods of time while out on the water. Keep in mind; the folks at Berkeley Fishing have the solution with their line of Power Bait products. Although there is no perfect substitute for the real thing, Power Bait comes close with their leeches and minnows. Their lifelike scent, and taste infused products are designed to keep fish interested longer for a proper hook set ensuring a great catch. A variety of Power Bait products are available at our guest centre.

Those with a flair for cooking should take note of our “By The Way” column introducing the upcoming addition of Krista’s Corner to the fishing report. After taking a brief hiatus to pursue a degree in Hospitality & Culinary Management at Confederation College, Krista is back and hoping to combine her passion for food with her years of experience in the tourism industry. Each report will feature an easy recipe and tips to cooking a perfect outdoors inspired lunch.

Project Healing Waters is just around the corner, and will hopefully be just as successful at providing a therapeutic retreat for soldiers as it has in the past. There are more details about this event on our website.

Congrats to a fresh class of Master Anglers… and as always it’s good to hear from you.
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