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Weekly Reports Designed by You

You may know that starting about the third Tuesday of May, we begin e-mailing out our weekly comprehensive fishing reports from our many lodges and remote cabins – from information gathered from our guests as they complete their adventures and head for home.

That’s about a month from now. These weekly reports will continue to arrive in your e-mail in-boxes from now through mid September each season. BTW: Our archives of the past few years are available here.

Krista cooking, Wilderness North staffWe have reporters at each our lodges who keep track of angling conditions, weather, and other news from their corners of the boreal forest. We also have Krista reporting her take on events. Krista’s Korner is both a podcast and column featuring observations of adventure travel here in Canada from Krista Cheeseman.

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North staffThis year we are adding one additional element, Joe’s World. Joe Pichey, one of our trip planners and outdoor experts will add his experiences in the wilderness, getting into the wilderness, and in our first report he’ll tell us more about some interesting stops you may want to consider along the way if you’re driving up from the US on I-35 North from the Twin Cities.

Now it’s your call. Just click send now below and send us an e-mail about new content you might find helpful. Your ideas are always welcome as we look forward to a great 2009 season.  Send Now.

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