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Week Two at “Makok” – And The Fishing Stays Strong

Wilderness North staffIt was our second full week with guests in camp. The weather was mostly great. The fishing was even better. In previous years the water at Makok was very high, while this year we are experiencing a large drop in water levels but much improved cast to catch ratios. The weather is becoming a bit more seasonal after that very hot first week. And, yes, the levels are coming up a bit. In fact 16 inches – since we arrived in late May.

Gildea2010Our guests are really showing their true colours as anglers. Your may recall, Michigan’s Gildea group went home with big smiles and seventeen Master Angler pins last week. Sixteen walleye and Pete’s 40″ pike caught while walleye fishing on jigs with minnows and leaches. The Janis and Polakivich group – also Michiganders – had a great trip in which both their sons became Master Anglers. Charlie had seven big walleye and Max had six. Both were using white jig heads and Gulp minnows.  Bob totaled three Master Angler walleye.

The Malcoun Brothers, Michel from West Bloomfield, Michigan and Ray from John’s Creek, Georgia…were really quite excited on what was their first Ontario walleye fishing trip ever. Ray caught a 26 inch walleye on his very first cast guided by Bernard…(we never did figure out who was the happiest between the two of them.) The Malcouns tallied six Master Angler walleye from their four day trip. Plus, Eli Baxter guided them on a river trip for Brookies, a trip of a life time. We chatted on tape with them on the second day of their trip for this weeks PODCAST.  Listen to their story here.

William and Michael Hooper from Wasaga Beach, Ontario were with us last week as well. It was Michael’s first fishing trip ever and one for which he will hold great memories.  He was excited to spend time with his father – who gave him Walleye Served Freshthe trip as a Christmas gift – as well as to catch his first fish – a 26″ walleye Master Angler. We are truly hoping to see them back again next year for another exciting trip.

Chef Linda, Wilderness North staffThis week we’ll have 22 guests in camp, beautiful weather, and the Master Anglers are sure rolling in. So there will be lots of walleye sampler trays like the one that Linda of Roddickton, Newfoundland is holding here, to prepare for “happy half hour” every afternoon at 5:30 pm!

…Meryl and Bernard Carroll


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