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Week 3 Fishing Report


It’s been another busy week at Makok with a full camp.
This past week saw groups from Michigan join us. We enjoyed many shore lunches, lots of tall tales and a fair bit of wind here. We have been challenged with some east winds, that make shore lunching at the close island a bit exciting. Our shore lunch cook is a pro though and handles it seamlessly 🙂
Lots of master angler walleyes to report with this past week’s largest being 28 inches and caught by Mr. Hughes and not far behind him, Pete with a 27.5 incher.
We are finding these big beauties at 20ft, with the smaller fish hovering around 12-15 ft.
Water temp is still cold! Jigs continue to be the lure of choice, with some guests throwing rapalas and my favourites, hot n tots. We are seeing guys mixing it up with feathered jig heads as well.
We have had over a dozen fish over 26 inches in the first week here.
Until next time!

– KC

Miminiska Lodge

Things at the lodge are up and running with our first guests in-house and picking up right where our staff left off! Water temperatures are hovering in the low-mid 50’s (54 degree average). This warming trend was starting to turn the fish from negative to positive. Until this past Saturday when a cold front moved in. Not to fear, the fishing is still fantastic if you adopt slow-presentation techniques. Ferguson Bay, Wottom Bay and the outlets of the Freestone and Troutfly rivers are hot spots despite the cold weather. (as is the ever-awesome Honey Hole.) Find walleye in 5-7 feet of water and pike still relating to shallow bays. Jackall Rhythm wave 4.8 and the 4 inch X-zone Swammer are the go-to lures this week. Walleye are still eating heartily and have yet to move deep. Big fish of the week came from the Hynds Family with Thomas Sr. Mastering a 40.5 inch pike and Tommy Hynds ever so close to Master Angler with a 39.5 northern.
– Kate

Mojikit Lodge

Guests arrived this past Sunday to Moj, and at this moment, there isn’t an established pattern for either walleye or northern pike as Monday was the first day of fishing at Mojikit… Well… except for Mojikit Manager (henceforth known as MojMan Bob) who just happened to release two Master Angler pike yesterday while scouting for this weeks guests!!
– Bob


“Well, we didn’t have to go far to land the fish” said group member Mel. They would set on a spot, and rotate lures, continually catching and releasing walleye for hours. Averaging on 60/fish days per boat, with the majority being walleye, this group had a blast. Their go-to lure was a floating jig with splitshots, any color. A consistent rotation from minnows to leeches or worms kept the fish enticed for hours. They Averaged on 30-35 inch pike, with 1 40incher, and one ‘alligator’ that never made it into the boat!

Whitewater Lodge

This week the Johnston, Brett and Williams family were extremely happy with the sheer numbers of fish caught at WWL. The cold front has put some fish down, but plenty of northern’s in the 40-inch class have been released. In one day three group members landed fish over 40″! Spoons have been the lure of the week! More to come from Whitewater once the front has passed and the sun shines brightly.
– Boyce.


Striker’s Point Lodge

At Strikers, the islands and the narrows are still producing quality numbers of walleye. The fish are coming in from the river so don’t discount a trip to the moving water. As for big fish, Striker’s is still is producing quality northern pike and big walleye – both in the Master Class category. Three northern’s over 40 inches were released this week as well as a “good number” of walleye over 30 inches.

– Matt

D’alton Outpost

“Fantastic fishing, we caught over 300 fish. Largest 40″ pike/me and my son Durham caught a 28 ” walleye. Cooked up our share, small pike is my favorite of the two species. One very big high, saw a cow moose give birth to twins on a tiny island.  So much fun.”


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