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Weather Warms Up – Whitewater Lake Heats Up

Tyler with Albany Brook TroutAnother week has come and gone and it seems as if this season is just flying by. Strikers Point Lodge has entertained many Master Anglers so far this season, and that didn’t change this week.Two groups that were with us, the Schramm party from Illinois, and the Lashbrook’s from Michigan. Both had remarkable fishing trips.

The first day on the water for the Schramm party, found Bruce putting on a show by landing four Northerns: two 38 inchers, a 41in, and a 44in. Stuart Schramm needs to be credited with putting Bruce on a couple of those fish. Lou of Michigan caught a beautiful 30in Walleye while jigging with a white swim shad just around the corner from the lodge in 20ft of water. Kim, while jigging the same location, netted himself a nice 26in Walleye.

The rest of the week was up and down, due in part to weather changes, and also a big mayfly hatch. I believe the Walleye have been gorging themselves on these mayflies.

The staff even had a chance to get in on the action this week. Myself, my girlfriend Katie, Nick Tomberg, and managers Bill and Marg Carroll decided to hit the lake for a morning of fishing and a shore lunch. While trying to get some fish for lunch, Katie nailed a healthy 42in Northern, under my guidance, of course!
…Tyler Lancaster

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