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Weather to be Thankful for

The changing leaves flag that we are well into the autumn season in Northwestern Ontario. The temperatures for the past two or three weeks have tried to tell another story. Recent temperatures have been well above average and the last few days have featured near record highs of 20°C (68°F), 12 to 13°C above seasonal.

The weather has been near perfect for most people – people in the weather biz like myself might say “what will be, will be, when it comes to weather – but the big question in this part of the world is – what is in store for this for this weekend?

This is the Thanksgiving Long Weekend in Canada and it looks like temperatures will continue warmer than seasonal at least until Monday. A combination of sunny breaks and increasing cloud with some spotty showers is likely over the weekend. Any major changes in the present pattern should hold off until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Seasonal Outlook: Warmer and seasonal temperatures persisting for the rest of October.

Have a good long weekend

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