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Weather Record Set!

Graham Saunders WN weathermanMay goes into the record books as the warmest on record in many communities in Northern Ontario. Unseasonal temperatures resulted in the early appearance of the usual signs of spring – the migration of Canada Geese and other bird species was weeks earlier than usual as was “green up” and some of those pesky biting insects.

Temperatures in the low 90s F (31 to 34 C) one week ago were generally the highest ever recorded in May and prompted a few local young people to take the plunge – swimming in May!

It is best to hold off on long-distance swimming this week. Some thunderstorm activity is expected today and, although the next days will feature seasonal temperatures, daytime readings of around 70 F (21 C) will seem cool when compared to recent records. The coming weekend looks slightly cooler than normal, with occasional showers. Next week should see temperatures recovering to somewhat warmer than average.

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Summer outlook
A few recent temperatures were warmer than any in July last summer. The summer in 2009 was unusually cool in Northern Ontario but was followed by the warmest autumn, winter and spring since records began in Ontario and most of Canada. Environment Canada and most weather forecasting agencies are predicting a warmer summer than usual.
…Graham Saunders

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