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Weather and Fish Heat Up At Miminiska

Katelyn Johnson, Wilderness North StaffThings certainly have been heating up this week at Miminiska Lodge. We finally got a break from the dreary rain, and instead suffered through days of blistering heat, little breeze, and endless sunshine. Hats, shades, and SPF were essential while out on the lake!

The fishing has been steady, but once again there were no particular hotspots. Guests reported catching about 15 Walleye, but then having to move and scout out a new location to fish. For Walleyes, jigs in assorted colours were popular this week.

It has been a great week for big Pike. Greg from Wisconsin commented that you can throw “everything but the kitchen sink” at Northern’s. He managed to reel in two back-to-back 32in Pike while fishing at the mouth of Wottom Creek. John from Wisconsin somehow managed to reel in a 35in Northern caught near Caribou Island, on a jig with light line while fishing for Walleye – no leader. Mike and his son Austin worked together as a team to catch a 39in Pike. Austin snagged it first using a buzz bait, but it was able to get away. Dad acted quickly though, and managed to bring it in using a spoon. Congrats to Mike and Austin for their “one-two angling”! I give them the “Miminiska Catch of The Week” award.

We have also had a few additional unique and interesting catches this week. Kyle from Wisconsin caught a Rock Bass while fishing near Caribou Island. This has been the second Rock Bass reported this season – and as I mentioned in a previous report, they are not indigenous to these waters and usually not found this far north. I am going to send the photo to Jenni McDermid at the Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada for verification. Jason also from Oshkosh (by gosh) caught a Perch while jigging in Wottom Bay. Perch are part of the food chain in our northern lakes.
…Katelyn Johnson

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