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We Are the Champions, My Friend…

WIlderness North event sponsorsYup that was a big hit by Queen. AND it applies to some pretty special guests coming to our Miminiska Lodge in 2009, up on the Albany River (the Canadian package): Sean, his six year old son Jordan, and friend/boat partner nine year old Tyler – winners of the 2008 Anglers Young Anglers International Championship held recently at Lake of the Woods near Kenora, Ontario. Sean served as the adult team captain coaching the two youngsters.

This threesome and their choice of guests will have both a U.S. and Canadian four day trip as their prize for winning the nineteen team AYA Championship event that closed out the 2008 season. AYA’s American Prize is a four day trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando. The team is from Grand Rapids – no, not THAT Grand Rapids this one is in Minnesota. AYA is sponsored by Lund Boats, and a host of other companies, like Wilderness North, who wish to give young anglers the opportunity to become involved in tournament fishing. Click here for more information about AYA.

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