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Water Levels Everywhere – Trophies Even More So

Mark Prokopchuk, Wilderness North staffZig Zag Lake is 8 feet below normal. Ogoki Lake is 8 feet above. Go figure. Water temps are at best in the low 50’s just barely post spawn. We’re guessing there are still some Walleye yet to spawn. And the weather? As our guests from New Jersey would say: “Fogettaboutit.” Cold. Rainy. Windy. Well you might think, “There goes the fishing.” Think again. With 18 Pike over 40 inches, and 3 Walleye over 26 inches, it’s clear the fish don’t care. The Walleye are biting with big numbers, however the really big ones have been a bit shy. So, if you dress in layers and get out there, you’re more likely than not to score big.

I have updated the Master Angler report on the website for you to read, and prepared a podcast with details for you to hear. But to summarize: Weather this past week: Stinks. Fishing this past week: Everything is coming up roses.

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