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Water High – Fishing Good

Katelyn Johnson, Wilderness North StaffWhen Miminiska Lodge guests asked where the fish were hiding this week, our guides cleverly responded “in the lake!” Walleyes were plentiful all over the map, except for, surprisingly enough, the Walleye mine – which was a bust these past few days. Hotspots included Ferguson Bay, Caribou Island, and the tail waters of the Keezhik & Trout Fly Rivers.

Berkeley’s Gulp Alive was stirring up quite the buzz this week – bringing in ample amounts of Walleyes and Northerns. Live worms, however, seem to be a classic favourite among anglers.

Roger, Miminiska July '08There were no master anglers at Miminiska this week, but Bill Hendry came close with a 39″ Northern caught at the bottom of Twin Falls using a Johnson silver spoon. Congrats Bill! And, congratulations to Roger Anderson for the catch of the week – a little fish with a BIG appetite!
…Katelyn Johnson

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