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Warm Rainy Skies Give Way To Cool Sunshine

Graham Saunders WN weathermanWarmer than normal temperatures – with normal being 74 – are expected through Saturday. Highs could reach 88 Friday.  Today’s on again-off again thunder storms and fairly humid air will give way to mostly cloudy conditions with a peek of sunshine Saturday, otherwise more rain showers through Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday of next week, will find sunny skies following a cold front that moves through Sunday evening or early Monday…with very cool conditions under clear skies on Monday evening. Highs next Monday and Tuesday will probably NOT reach 70…but there will be plenty of sunshine. At least you can put away the rain suits and put on the sweaters and jackets.

Today’s thunderstorms will be one more reminder of the dangers of being on the water during lightning. Lightning can and does strike boats – especially aluminum boats like ours – with grave consequences.

My best advice, is get off the lakes until the storm clears. Here is a link to an interesting website that offers a hand held “lightning” forecasting gadget that tells you if lightning- or conditions ripe for lightning – is nearby – and how close.

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