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Walleyes Take Center Stage on Big Whitewater Lake

Striker’s Point Lodge managers Bill and Marg Carroll and the rest of the staff including Carissa Kimbell, Katelyn Johnson, Ryan Lacey, Helen (Momma) Cheeseman, and myself entertained three great groups of guests this past week.

Rod and company made their annual trek north from Wisconsin. With extremely high water levels present at our Ogoki Lake outpost destination, they opted to settle in at Striker’s for their five-day getaway. They have fished Whitewater Lake several times in the past, so they were quite comfortable navigating to and from their many favourite walleye holes. They noted a great average walleye size this season with many fish upwards of 20 inches including a chunky 25-inch during their last afternoon.

Three generations of the Leonard family assembled their gear and traveled up from Minnesota for a first time trip to Striker’s Point Lodge. Sons, fathers, and grandfathers had a wonderful time, and the memories will surely last a lifetime for them all. Although the pike seemed a little shy last week, the walleye action was fast and furious with too many double and triple headers to count. The simple rig consisting of a 3/8 oz jig head, white or chartreuse tail, tipped with a piece of crawler, proved lethal in depths of 20-23 feet around island points and mid-lake humps.

Also joining us were Gerry and Barb from Ohio. This friendly couple had a great time catching both walleye and several northerns while trolling the river outflow and taking in the beauty of the magnificent boreal forest. It was great having you all with us and we look forward to seeing you again next season!!!

Tyler with Albany Brook TroutWe are beginning to wind down for the season with a little less than three weeks to go. I expect we will see some giants being raised from the depths between now and then as the large pike and walleye begin to roam the lake chomping down on whatever they can find in order to fatten up for another long, cold winter.
Tight Lines,
Tyler Lancaster

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