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Walleye are Ready for the Season

It will come as no surprise, given the late ice out, that the walleye were still pre-spawn or spawning this past Memorial Day weekend.

I have been making my way around the camps, assisting with the various opening chores and visiting with guests in camp. The message is the same from both the Ogoki and Albany watersheds: the walleye are still pre spawn and northerns have probably just finished the spawn. While there are no huge numbers to report, there have been many Master Anglers already  (For those of you who don’t remember, Master Anglers are awarded to walleye 26in+ & pike 40in+)  with two trophy pike, multiple walleye, a 22lb lake trout, and a lake whitefish!
Bill H the guest who caught it described his catch as: “A fair sized fish with a really odd mouth. The top lip especially.  Body like a carp but with smaller scales”. While finds like this are neat, this is not the first time we have had strange fish caught and released in Zig Zag -plan a trip of your own and you too might reel in a one-of-a-kind catch.

As you can see from the image of an electronic fish finder on Zig Zag Monday May 27th, the fish were stacked in this particular hole, but, as the anglers who snapped the photo reported, the walleye weren’t interested in biting –at least at that particular moment. There have been plenty of walleye for shore lunch, most coming from fast moving water. As the walleye finish the spawn this coming week, that fast moving water will fill up with even more walleye, and the bite will be on!

Between Victoria Day weekend in Canada and Memorial Day weekend in the US there has been lots going on in this part of the world.
Now that the holidays have come and gone we can spend the time to catch up on current events so to say. This week Graham takes a look at the severe storms that swept across North America in between the long weekends and whether or not they were related. Tyler has now arrived at Striker’s Point and is happy to be back in his element –plying the northern waters for trophy catches. This week he shares some last minute packing tips for anglers as he recounts his final preparations before heading north. Meryl provides a comprehensive look at designing your own personal wilderness survival kit. Krista shares another culinary delight sure to be a hit for your next shore lunch, and also boasts about Megan’s Cadet awards. Last but not least, our first fishing report of the season emerges with a recount of the exciting past few days at Makokibatan

It’s not too late to head north for some spectacular fishing. There are still a few openings at several of our camps in mid and late summer. Give Meryl or Krista a call or send them an email if you want in on the action.
As always, it’s great to hear from you. Send me an email or post a comment below,

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