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Visiting a Wilderness North Lodge? 7 Common Questions Answered by your Trip Planners.

Hello from your Wilderness North Trip Planners,

We wanted to send out answers to your common questions to ensure your are all set for your adventure!

Here are the most common questions we get (You aren’t the only one asking!)

How much bait should I order?

Bait – One of the most effective ways to catch fish at any of the lodges or outposts at Wilderness North is to use live bait. There are three different types you can choose from and each of them have their own benefits

Minnows – whether you’re fishing for walleye or northern pike, fishing with a live minnow will up your chances at fishing success. At Wilderness North, you have the ability to choose the size of the minnow you’d like, ie: smaller ones for walleye or larger ones for pike. A minnow on a jig head is a deadly combination for walleye, as is a larger minnow fished with a quick-strike rig a great technique for pike. So how many minnows should you order? That depends on the length of your stay – We recommend 2 dozen minnows per person per day.

Leeches – Leeches are found in all our lakes at Wilderness North (not bloodsuckers). They are a mainstay food for most every fish that swims. They are also a great way to catch both walleye and pike. Hooking a leech at either end of its body with a light jig head will most definitely be eaten by a passing fish. Same numbers apply with respect to leeches, we recommend at least a dozen per person per day.

Nightcrawlers – Thought it is possible to catch pike on a worm, nightcrawlers are an amazing bet for targeting walleye. You can either jig for walleye with a worm, or troll it “slow death” in a worm harness. You can cut worms up into smaller pieces with immediately killing them, so a dozen per day should do you well, unless you’re trolling with a worm harness, where you’ll go through more worms in a day.

Regardless of what kind of bait you choose, it’s always smart to have plastic imitations on hand should you run out. They are a great way to extend your day if you happen to get into so many fish you run out of bait.

What Lures work the best?


We get asked a lot about what lures to bring along on a remote, fly-in fishing trip and though at many of our lodges we have a tackle shop of proven successful lures, you’ll want to bring a good selection of your own. So lets start with Pike.

Pike at Wilderness North are not shy at all, and will often take a lure right beside the boat. Top water baits are exciting as you get to see the fish eat. Hard-bodied tube type baits are excellent (like a Zara Spook). Also consider terrestrial baits such as mice, frogs or baby ducks. If you are trolling or casting for pike, larger spinner baits, in-line spinners, spoons or jerk baits are a great bet. Fish imitators also work well in the form of swim baits and big soft plastics. With respect to color, a good rule of thumb is to go darker on darker days and brighter on sunny days.

Walleye are not too hard to come by at Wilderness North partly because they are everywhere! As for lures for walleye, whether you’re trolling or casting for them, consider jerk baits, smaller spinner baits, in-line spinners, worm harnesses and of course jigs tipped with soft plastics. Be sure to have some deep diving baits on hand so you can get down to the walleye on those lazy hazy days of summer when they are in the depths.

How can I make payments at the lodge?

The lodge manager at each location will have a tablet where guests can process payments. We accept Visa, MasterCard and personal cheques along with cash for gratuities. All our rates are in USD. For other currencies, the daily exchange rate will be used to calculate payments.

What should I know about crossing the border?

For our outpost guests that are bringing food over the border here are a few tips.

  • To make the crossing quick, ensure products are in there initial packaging.
  • Ensure limits per person are followed. Refer to the CBSA page for information of food limits
  • For more information see pages 6-7 of our  Planning guide

How much am I allowed to bring on the plane?

    • Miminiska Lodge: 50lbs. per person
    • Makokibatan Lodge: 75lbs. per person
    • Striker’s Point Lodge: 75lbs. per person
    • Whitewater Lodge: 125lbs per person
    • Mojikit Channel Lodge: 125lbs per person
    • All Outposts: 125lbs per person

*for floatplane flights originating out of Armstrong, overweight will be charged at $1 per pound. If a separate plane is needed to bring the gear in, charter rates will apply. Flights originating out of Thunder Bay or Nakina need to be especially cautious, sticking to weight limits

Should I bring any of these items with me?

  • Life-Jackets – Legally required for all passengers in a boat. Life-jackets (otherwise known as Personal Floatation Devices) are provided at full-service lodges and are also available to rent for outpost and housekeeping guests.
  • Depth/fish finders – Provided free of charge at lodges and available for rent for outpost guests.
  • Live Bait – Many guests use artificial bait, but we do have minnows, crawlers, and leeches available for pre-order.
  • Bagged Ice – Available for all guests. If going to an outpost it will be flown in with you.
  • Drinking water – Potable water is available at all full service lodges. However, outpost and housekeeping guests should bring a water treatment system, boil water, or bring bottled water.
  • Communication equipment – Free WiFi is provided at all our facilities; only a mobile device with Internet capabilities is required.

I’m in Thunder Bay for a night, what should I do?

Thunder Bay is full of life and has incredible culinary opportunities. In downtown Port Arthur we recommend:

    • Bight – Enjoy views of Lake Superior while dining on locally inspired dishes
    • The Tomlin – The tastes of Thunder Bay. Delicious and local food, with an emphasis on family-style dining at the table.
    • Silver Birch – Enjoy fish from Lake Superior, wild game and traditional favorites with a Northern flare.

We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you are in Thunder Bay come say hi!

With any other questions, feel free to give us a call at (807) 983 2047


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