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Under Our Wing

These two photos were taken from our DeHavilland Otter – at about 1000 feet above the ground. The photo on the left is at sundown on an approach to Miminiska Lake – where our Miminiska Lodge is located along the Albany River. The photo on the right is several hundred miles to the east where the Ogoki River and the Albany River meet and become one – the Albany – and flow further east to James Bay.

Northwestern Ontario scenery

You will note that there are a few buildings at the joining of the rivers. This small community is called Marten Falls, (population of about 200 ), however on the official aviation charts the area is called Ogoki Post, since it was the original settlement of the Hudson Bay company’s trading and shipping location. In short this area is rich in history.

We are currently working on a project with the members of this community – all First Nation – to design a land use plan for the area. This plan foresees winter roads, airplane runways, perhaps even rail lines. This cooperative venture underscores the importance of insuring that the traditional values of the indigenous people be preserved while progress gingerly moves in. For us, it means our guests will be able to count on experiencing the last vast genuine wilderness of North America, like that brave group of adventurers who first set up up camp on the merger of two great Ontario Rivers. I’ll tell you more about this project in the coming weeks.

Our Master Angler list grew to 79 walleye and 82 pike with the addition of four U.S. fishermen this past week. Bob Skinner of  North Carolina netted his 28-inch walleye out at Zigzag Lake. Dan Church, of Texas caught and released a 27.5-inch walleye while at D’Alton Lake. Both of these great fish were caught on a jig set up.

Two big pike went in the record books, hooked by two Buckeye fans from the U.S. One went to Steven Rausch of Ohio – a 41.5-inch Mr. Toothy, caught on a fly rod, with a hand tied lure. Steven was out at Ogoki Lake. Mark Riley of Ohio, caught and released his 40.5- inch Big Girl, on a Williams Whitefish Spoon – Silver in colour – up at Mojikit-Moose Crossing near the Ogoki Reservoir.

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