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Trophy Walleye Scored at Striker’s

As summer continues with great fishing enjoyed by our guests, the Master Angler Board at Striker’s Point continues to grow with new additions written up each week and many large catches brought to the surface. Here’s an update about two of the parties we had out this past week.

Tom and his sons enjoyed some great fishing for both pike and walleye. With their four legged companions, they explored the lake and enjoyed the quality time spent together. The group covered a lot of water from Shangri-La Bay to the Narrows and Caribou Bay, but found the Ogoki River rapids produced the best fishing. Both pike and walleye seemed to be hitting well of various Rapalas tipped with minnows or worms.

Learning from the previous group, Len R. and company spread out to see which areas worked best for them. Despite several storms which rolled in, this party still managed to report several days with amazing numbers of fish. Hot spots for them included several of the islands south of Striker’s and the rapids at Whitewater West where Terry T. caught a 30in Master Angler walleye. Terry’s trophy was caught on a white jig with a dead minnow at the river’s edge just before the rapids. Other successful lure & bait presentations included Rapalas and pink & black jigs with minnows or leeches.

Congrats Terry and thanks to all of our guests for another great week,
The Striker’s staff team

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