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Trophy Pike Scored at Whitewater Lodge

You have often heard us talk about big Whitewater Lake. It is home to our Striker’s Point Lodge on the east end… and Whitewater Lodge on the west. Whitewater Lodge is a rustic old world collection of cabins – clean and accommodating with electric power (diesel generated) and a common lodge cabin. It is the part of the lake where the Ogoki River flows into Whitewater Lake – sometimes a trickle – but last week a torrent, thanks to the torrential rains.

Wilderness North fishing report header, 06272012

However, Wayne of Neehah, Wisconsin zipped up his rain suit and ventured forth in search of the big Pike ( photo in header.) Well sometimes the words of guest tell the story best:
I was part of the Clemmons’ fishing trip that was at Whitewater Lodge June 16th until June 23rd.  I caught a 40 inch Northern Pike on a spinning reel with 8 pound test line using a pink jig head with a white twister tail on it on June 19th.  It had been raining on and off all day and around 3:00 in the afternoon there was a break in the rain and we were jigging by one of the islands when I got a heavy hit on the line.  Setting the hook I realized that this was no ordinary fish but a large one as when I set the hook, the fish didn’t move.  It took a while to bring the fish in as it was going where it wanted to.  Where it went I followed.  After a brief period we managed to net the fish and the pictures are the result.  Fishing was great during the week in spite of the rain with large numbers of Walleyes and Northern’s being caught.  As usual camp manager Dan was extremely helpful and took good care of us“.

Congrats Wayne, your Master Angler pin is on the way.

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