Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Striker's Point Lodge

Celebrating 30 Years of Wilderness North  â€“          

Trophy Pike at Striker’s

Big Whitewater Lake – 26,000 acres – is a historic part of Ontario’s boreal wilderness. Technically, it is a park – a Woodland Caribou preservation. Guests at our Striker’s Point Lodge love the combination of a pure wilderness fishing and purely first class service. Ron of Pennsylvania and his son Ronnie were no exception. They both report excellent Walleye angling with lots of fish in the 17-25-inch category. Ron, the dad, however, really recalls a cold, rainy nearly sundown evening in which he was tossing his 10 inch gold-black Rapala top water lure in to 3-ft of water when BOOM – the big girl hit. Science may not be able to prove it, but a 42 inch Northern Pike can sure warm up – or seem to warm up – a cool 45*F rainy early Ontario evening. Both Rons complimented our staff and guides and the father son team took home memories of great trip from the big wilderness of Wabakimi Provincial Park.

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