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Trophy Fishing Heats Up

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterAs we check in with you at mid August 2011, we are beginning to see a hints of Autumn in the fall colours, especially in our low-growing vegetation.Weather patterns, with small but vigorous fronts pushing through every few days, are another true sign of the impending autumnal changes.

Up on the Albany, our Makokibatan Lake has burst back to “trophy” life with more than a dozen Master Angler Walleye registered in the past few days. These last few weeks of the season are notorious for big production numbers and we expect this year to be no exception. The Fall Feeding Frenzy cannot be far off. Good fishing out onWhitewater Lake is part of our report today, and outpost guests atD’Alton enjoyed both good angling and good wildlife viewing.

Our friends at Lund Boats, have chosen Wilderness North’s  Striker’s Point Lodge as their featured Canadian destination in their quarterly magazine. Lund recently sent up a writer and photographer to create the story…one which they will share with thousands of readers in September. We enjoyed having them in camp, and appreciate the spotlight on our great destination in the heart of the Wabakimi Park. If you would like at PDF copy of the story and photos, just click here and we will send it to you via e-mail.

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