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Trophies and Storms Roll Into Striker’s Point Lodge

The big pike just keep showing up. Chalk up five more Master Angler pike for our guests last week. Jason of New York City and his father Bill of Indiana were here for their second season in a row. Bill fell just short of master status last year with a 39″ pike. He got himself two pins this past week with respective 40″ and 42″ northerns both caught while trolling Williams Whitefish spoons at the Caribou Bay rock wall. Son Jason would not be outdone by his dad and managed a beautiful 41in “waterwolf” at the same location, also on a Williams. They noticed a measurable increase in the aggression levels of both walleye and pike as the week went on. Listen to Jason’s Master Angler Story here.

Also visiting Striker’s Point Lodge was Wilderness North’s Outdoor Specialist, Joe Pichey with his college pal Mark, both coming out of Dallas, Texas. Their two friends and friendly rivals were Mitch and  Michael, both out of Toronto, Ontario. The Canada vs USA battle was on. Mitch and Michael were sure they had the derby wrapped up but Pichey and company popped a 42.5″ on the last day. Read Joe’s personal account here. The late breaking information was kept under tight lip until the late evening. Team Texas walked away with the trophy this year.

We have a full camp this week with the Shiree group from Michigan, the Clemmons group of 17 from Chicago, and Tim & Loni from Minnesota. I had the pleasure of accompanying Tim and Loni out yesterday. Let me tell you this, the fishing was incredible with double header after double header at every location. Main lake points were stuffed with wally’s as were shallow, windblown flats. Tim knocked one off the “bucket list” first thing in the morning while trolling the infamous “rock wall”. He caught his largest northern to date, a hefty 42″. Congratulations Tim.

The wind last Wednesday and Thursday was relentless as the big dome of high pressure was blown out here by the emerging cold front, with gusts to 50MPH. Anglers have been forced off the lake early as the rollers are enormous. See Graham’s article for a full weather report. We look forward to some calmer days and some more great action in the next few days. Happy Canada Day – Happy Fourth of July everyone.
…Tyler Lancaster

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