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Self-Guided Canoe Trips

Budget-Friendly Paddling Adventures in Northern Ontario

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Whether you’re a keen angler looking for a serene fishing experience or simply love the idea of spending your days paddling and portaging through a remote area of Northern Ontario, our bring-your own-equipment Self-Guided Canoe Trip packages provide the ultimate active vacation for nature lovers.


  • self-guided adventures into Wabakimi Park
  • fully outfitted (Whitewater to Striker’s)
  • do-it-yourself (Little Caribou to Arril Lake)
  • route planning services
  • air charter services
  • accommodations at cabins and lodges in the heart of Wabakimi Park

Included Items

  • Complete route planning and logistics services
  • Flight in and flight out OR paddle in and flight out on iconic bush plane
  • Wilderness cabin and resort pairings
  • Comfortable accommodation at the start and/or end of each stay


Whitewater To Striker’s Point Lodge

Little Caribou To Arril Lake

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