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Little Caribou to Arril Lake

Picturesque scenery and wildlife awaits.


Begin day one of your epic Northern Ontario self-guided canoe trip overnight in McKenzie, waking up to a great breakfast to make sure you’re energized for the day of paddling ahead. As you make your way down Little Caribou put in, you’ll have an entire day to canoe, keeping an eye out for wildlife, unique landscapes, and endless starlit skies.

Cost: $1350 (CAD per person + taxes)

Per person, Based on 4 minimum


  • Accommodation at the start and end of your self-guided canoe trip 
  • Paddle in, flight out
  • Overnight stay at Whitewater Lodge
  • Bring-your-own-equipment for familiarity as you navigate new waters (tent, canoe, gear etc)
  • Iconic float plane experience
  • Incredible opportunities for stargazing, shoreline hiking, and wildlife spotting

Included Items

  • Shuttle to put in spot & secure parking
  • Route planning & maps
  • Pre trip accommodation in Armstrong with breakfast
  • 3 nights accommodation in Wabakimi Park (1 night Whitewater Lodge, 2 nights Arril Lake Outpost)
  • All the fixings needed for a steak dinner and some beer (or wine!) awaiting your arrival at Whitewater Lodge
  • Pickup replenish supplies at Whitewater Lodge for last days at Arril
  • Use of boat and motor and 5 gallons of gas at Arril
  • Flight out of Arril Lake, with tie on fees


Day 1: Arrive at McKenzie where you’ll spend the night in a cozy accommodation.

Day 2: Eat a delicious breakfast before being dropped off on Little Caribou Lake to start your first day of paddling.

Day 3: Your third day will be spent paddling and enjoying the serenity of the area.

Day 4: Continue paddling towards Whitewater Lodge, arrive late afternoon and where you’ll find all the fixing for steak dinner and some beer (or wine!) waiting for your arrival.

Day 5: Depart from Whitewater Lodge (with your replenished supplies) and head for  Arril Lake Outpost Cabin.

Day 6: Spend your day fishing for large walleye and northern on a lake known for producing big fish, or just relaxing, swimming and enjoying the scenery 

Day 7: Fly out of Arril Lake on an iconic float plane.

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