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Top 5 reasons to make Northwestern Ontario your next adventure!

1. Trails and Lakes all to yourself.

It is not uncommon once you make your way to the Northern side of Lake Superior to feel as though you have the wilderness all to yourself. The Boreal Forest is a vast expanse of spruce, pines, tamaracks, cedar and balsam fir, and the perfect inspiration to get out and explore.

2. An unforgettable night sky.

Thunder Bay is the perfect destination as it balances the comforts of the city with the treats of the wilderness. You need venture out of town to witness the Mother Nature light show! The Aurora Borealis often gift our eyes with wisps of neon green dancing around the sky. The further you go, the better your show!

3. Wandering Wildlife.

Northwestern Ontario is home to a multitude of remarkable creatures; with foxes in the field, bald eagles in the sky, bears in the forest, deer in the meadow, pike in the water and Caribou passing through. Our magical home is simply waiting to show off to you!

4. The Lake confused as an Ocean.

Lake Superior is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, so vast that it even experiences small tides. There are many opportunities to experience it up close with local operators, such as flying above it with Wilderness North, or on it with Sail Superior!

5. A city filled with life.

Thunder Bay is booming with culture and life. Small business owners have taken off; opening organic food stores, serving delicious coffee, making stunning pottery providing incredible cuisine.

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