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Time to Talk to the Experts

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterFrom time to time we all sit back and look at our businesses, and for that matter, our lives. We ask a lot of questions about the paths we have chosen. In some cases, we turn to the “experts” to help us see the future through another set of eyes. Today, our management team is thinking about ways to make 2011 and beyond better for our guests. Here’s where the experts come in.

Who are these experts?    YOU!
If you have been a guest of Wilderness North in the past few seasons, we want to hear from you. And there are two ways to participate in our research.

First – just drop me a note – click here to start an e-mail to me – answering two simple questions:

  • If you owned Wilderness North what would you change at once to make sure guests get a greater value for their vacation dollar? And
  • If you owned Wilderness North – what is so good – that you would NEVER change it.

Second:  Type “I want to talk about it” at the end of your e-mail. We have some ideas for changing our company and how we serve guests in the future. Your note will create a phone conversation – maybe a half hour in length – in which we share these ideas with  you, and then ley you do the talking while we do the listening.

I hope you will participate…it means a lot to all of us that you have chosen Wilderness North as your adventure partner, and we value your input.

They say: A picture is worth a thousand words.
Well here’s 6000 words from guests who have chosen to send in their adventure photos for consideration for our 2011 calendar.

2011 Calendar pics

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