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This Crazy Weather Pt 1

Graham Saunders WN weathermanBy now most of you know that we had a very “low snow – almost NO snow” winter. Often the spring rain makes up for the lack of moisture. Not this year. Technically it is still spring, however another week of summer-like conditions prevailed around Lake Nipigon and the Albany/Ogoki River systems. Thunderstorms in the last two days caused a few more forest fires, but showers in some locations reduced fire danger to moderate. Elsewhere, the hazard remains extreme. There was some hail associated with these storms, and straight line winds actually did some minor damage to cabins on Ogoki Lake. The chance of more seasonable temperatures and conditions is pretty good as we move toward the weekend.

Temperatures in the mid to high 80s (f) through Thursday.  Light winds generally; however potential strong and gusty winds associated with thunderstorms may occur. Mainly sunny and somewhat cooler (70s f) in the following days with occasional cloud and brief afternoon showers likely.

Low water levels
428Northern lakes and river levels are well below seasonal averages. Record low snow amounts during the winter did not “recharge” waterways and this has been compounded by less rainfall than normal in recent weeks. Lake Nipigon is three feet below its usual level in late May. Some other smaller lakes are four to nine feet below average. Abnormally dry conditions are expected to persist during the next two weeks. –Graham Suanders

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