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The Water Walker

Honored Author: The children’s book The Water Walker drew praise and an Indigenous Literature Award for Anishinaabe writer/illustrator Joanne Robertson of Goulais River, Ontario, reports James Hopkin of SooToday. Joanne won the award from the Periodical Marketers of Canada and First Nation Communities’ READ for her children’s book, based on Anishinaabe grandmother Josephine Mandamin of Thunder Bay, who started the Water Walkers movement to call attention to water quality and water issues by walking around Lake Superior. Joanne joined on that initial journey. Since then the walkers have traversed the United States along waterways running north-south and east-west. “Awards and recognition are a way of moving the message forward,” Joanne told James. “I feel proud that I got to use my gifts to raise awareness about water in this way.” Josephine Mandamin was given Lake Superior Magazine ’s Achievement Award in 2011 for her call to action on water issues.

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