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The Walleye Ate my Homework!

Wilderness North guideIt seems when we hear the word “test” all of us flash back to those bygone years of school. So at the risk of triggering those nightmares about final exams, we announce a unique, in the field, bait test for the summer of 2008. If you’re coming up this summer, it’s a test you may welcome. As the angling services and resource information coordinator at Striker’s Point Lodge, I (Tyler Lancaster) will be managing a “Live vs. Gulp Alive” face off this summer. Anglers who are fishing with live bait, will be given the new GULP ALIVE product for the face off. Volunteers will fish both live minnow and Gulp Alive minnows at the same time for a period of three hours and report their strike and bite information on a simple card for tabulation. Dr. Robert Doolittle, will tabulate the results for a late summer or early fall report. Learn more by calling 1-888-465-3474 and talking to me, or you may e-mail me anytime. Lastly, listen to this week’spodcast to hear myself and Dr. Doolittle provide more details. By the way, both lodge and outpost cabin anglers may participate.

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