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The Peronas take over Miminiska Lodge

Travelling from Peru IL with 8 passengers each, two Wasaya Pilatus aircraft circled the 2500 ft. grass landing strip in the heavy rain before landing at Miminiska for the annual Perona family& friends fishing trip. The Perona’s have been coming to Miminiska for fifteen plus years, making the journey north from La Salle, IL and surrounding areas. Dr. Paul, Paul Sr., Paul Jr, PJ, Uncle Rich, Father Paul, and the rest of their family & friends came to Mim to not only share their love of fishing but also a wonderful faith. On Saturday at 5 pm, Fr. Paul celebrated Mass in Cabin 2, where they all gathered to give thanks for life. Starting the trip off with mass proved to be a good omen as the fishing was outstanding! Hitting all the great spots from “walleye mine” to the “honey hole”, the Perona’s caught enough to enjoy amazing shore lunches every day with Dan and Jake -Fresh fish at its best! Amidst all the great fishing, Father Paul landed a 40in Pike on a jig, receiving both his master angler pin and the annual Perona award. Congrats Father! A friend of the family, John got lucky his first time out at Mim reeling in the “Catch of the Day”… an 8in rubber boot. We always enjoy the fun times brought by the Perona group and look forward to seeing them again.

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