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The Jenness’s descend on Zig Zag

The Jenness brothers are no strangers to Zig Zag Lake. They have searched out the cuts and humps and grassy flats for years. They know the lake so well… they don’t even carry a map in the boat. So it seems only fitting that these experienced anglers, Vince from Waterloo, Iowa and Carl from Lincoln, Nebraska should be “first in” for 2012. They and the other three members of their group, Gerry Geinger, Scott Bradfield, and Damon Rockwell all had great fishing last week from our most popular outpost cabin adventure destination. Did the cooler, rainy weather stop them? What? These are outdoorsmen – so NO it did NOT stop them.

Vince with 41in Pike, Wilderness North's Zig Zag outpostVince reported catching the same 41 inch Pike twice making him our first – and second 🙂  official Pike Master Angler of 2012, Carl also had a 41 incher, and Gerry of Waterloo, Iowa earned both Pike and Walleye Master Angler pins as well. We caught up with Carl, who shared the details of their Zig Zag adventure in this podcast . Click here to listen.

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