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The Big Lake Lives Up To It’s Reputation

The Francis group landed at Makokibatan Lake- here along the Albany River – with one thing in mind: monster Northern Pike. Dedicated anglers and perfect gentlemen, they found themselves catching plentiful sums of both northern and walleye totaling 563 fish during their week stay at our outpost cabin. Terry of Ohio fulfilled his personal goal by landing a 41-inch northern pike on his third day of fishing. The weapons of choice were a hand made rod that Terry constructed himself, tipped with a Johnson silver minnow and neon green grub tail. Russ from Indiana also earned the status of master angler landing a beautiful 27 inch walleye. With strong winds and high waves, the majority of fishing by this group was targeted on the north shore and south channel of the Albany River. The young lads of the group made their fathers proud landing countless pike and walleye while toughing out a few swarms of black flies and squiters*. A great group of guys and a great week of fishing, we look forward to seeing this outpost party again.

Eli Baxter, guide extraordinaireThe Majkia group enjoyed a five-day stay at Makokibatan our American Plan Lodge. With our guides Eli Baxter, Matty Sobiera and Bernard Carroll at their side, there were plenty of fish caught. The group worked all aspects of the river system, in search of some lunkers. Numerous walleye in the 17-24 inch range were landed in the back lake, followed by honourable mentions of a 34 and a 38-inch pike along the North shore. With a little help from Master Guide Eli Baxter, the group found themselves hip deep in walleye by fishing a few honey holes along Sandy Point. Eli and Bernard challenged the famous Albany River outflow rapids down river in search of monster brook trout. Although the trout weren’t on fire that day, the group had a great time soaking up the scenery and landing a feed of walleye in calm water pools. No master anglers were charted, however honourable mentions go to Dayna with an honest 25.75 inch walleye as well as Pattie with her chubby 24 inch beauty. As oil sizzled and walleye fried, everyone enjoyed good conversation and reflected on a few days of fishing in one of the finest fisheries that Northern Ontario has to offer.

Meryl, Wilderness North staff*squiters – Newfie slang for mosquito – the Ontario Provincial Bird.
…Meryl & Bernard Carroll

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