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That’ll Leave a Mark!

Wilderness North fly in fishingIt may just be fishing luck. Bad luck, actually. Just ask Charles D about the combination of frost on the boat and giant Muskie lures laying on the seats. Your fishing for pike. Then BAM you slip and to catch your fall reach out your arm. The rest, as they say, is history.  We won’t show you the close ups, but one of the giant treble hooks is in past the barb. You guessed it,  when the lure goes in, the angler comes out and is on the way to hospital.

So why the smile you say? This lucky angler and his party were the first in to Zig Zag and had already caught and released four Master Angler Pike. That’s pike 40 inches or longer, and there was was a 45 in there. Mark tells the story of the lure in the hand and the Pike in the boat on his mini podcast from base camp at Armstrong.

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