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Ten Days to Go!

Alan CheesemanIn ten days…the Jenness Party arrives fromIowa and Nebraska. They seem to always be “early birds” and we welcome them back again in 2012. Zig Zag Lake, their destination, is clear of ice, a bit of snow is still hidden in the shady areas on the northern shores, but THIS IS IT.  Opener 2012 is ready to go.

Last year at this time, early arriving guests were asking, ” Is the ice out?” This year, with the early warm spring conditions, the question is, “…so how will the warmer winter and spring affect the fishing?” And the answer to that question is, “We are not sure.”

Gord Pyzer walleye, 2012Gord Pyzer has an idea. Gord is the Fishing Editor of Outdoor Canada Magazine; Field Editor of In-Fisherman Magazine and Television; Co-Host of the In-Fisherman Ice Guide Television series. He is also a blogger and the warm water and weather conditions are on his mind. He says the conditions will be very positive for bass anglers.

However, our guests are seeking Walleye and Pike – as well as Brook Trout and Lake Trout. Gord thinks the early season buffet for Walleyes – mainly made up of ciscoes (herrings) at the thermocline – will likely be impacted by the early spring like weather. He created a blog explaining the whole idea and you can read it by clicking here.

Trip planning is continuing at a hectic pace, and Meryl Carroll, who together with her husband Bernard managed our Makokibatan Lodge these past few years, is overseeing the guest services from our Thunder Bay office. She, Krista Cheeseman, and Joe Pichey are making sure every “i” is dotted, and every “t” is crossed for our May and June arriving parties…with July, August and September parties to soon follow. Joe has outlined some of the challenges about 2012 trip planning in his article below.

Fly In Fishing Trips 2012:
We still have some open dates at our cabins and lodges, so there is no better time for you to contact Joe Pichey, our Adventure Trip Planner to insure that your dates and destinations are still open.

I always enjoy hearing from you, send me an e-mail if you like.
Alan Cheeseman

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